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Hello and Welcome to this web site, I must first say a big thank you, 
to my friend Dr John in the Philippines, for without his assistance and 
creative abilities, there would be no site.

As you will see , there  are various sections on the page, 
corresponding to the interests that has been part of my life to date, 
I hope my childrens, grandchildren  will enjoy reading my history 
some time,   

When I can, I will add to it, the year is 2006 at the time of typing 
this, its June in  and the start of Winter in Victoria.

To access the Autobiography section ,you need a user name and password 
if you send me your information in the contact section ,I will send you
back via email,  the name and password required.

To my sister Nancy, who arrived before me on this earth, I am grateful
for her energy and support, in proof reading that which I have written,
and for being there to assist me.